Friday, December 12, 2014

On the needles, Fri. Dec. 12th

I finally feel like I can sit back and take a few deep breaths!  It was a lot of fun having our kids home last weekend, and especially, enjoying giving, and getting our Christmas gifts.  They were all on their way home again by Tuesday afternoon, and then "life" kicked in again - doing the routine things that had been put on hold while the kids were home.  Now, that part of my week is mostly behind me, and I'm able to pick up my knitting again.  I'm still working on finishing "Pears the Elephant" - I've got all 4 parts of the ears "on the go" at the same time, so that I make sure all the shaping gets done at the same time - the two back parts are the gray, and the fronts will be striped, white, fuchsia and blackberry.
I decided that having only 1 knitting project on the needles at one time is boring, so I started the first of what will be several pairs of socks for our (as yet unborn) grandson.  This little sock is working up really quickly - I did all the ribbing in about 3 hours (between getting up a few times to tend to other little things), and I've just done about 4 rows of turning the heel.  The pattern calls for leftover sock yarn, which I never seem to have, so I bought a ball of Kroy in typical boy colours (Singin' the Blues), and I'll knit socks until the ball is finished.  That way, if one sock gets lost (which inevitably happens), there will be a replacement available!  I'll try to make the socks match, as much as possible.  By the time this sock is finished, I'll have a better idea of the striping pattern.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I can show you now!

Hooray!  I'm tired of having to keep secrets, and, since we had our Christmas gift "opening" party yesterday, I can finally show you what I've made in the past month or sew....
First off, my November "ALYoF" project - my younger daughter and her hubby are expecting their first baby in a few weeks (which means I'll be a grandmother!).  They have most of the urgently-needed items for the nursery, but they're still working on the little extras.  We had a baby shower here a few weeks ago, and she got a few items for the nursery walls, but I wasn't able to finish the project I was working on.  I had made a number of bibs and burp cloths, and I'm knitting a sweater set, but what really caught my eye was the "Grow Chart" from the Fall 2013 Quilts From Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks.  Of course, she wasn't pregnant when I bought the magazine, and I chose it for a number of other projects in it, but when I heard that a baby was on the way, I knew I had to make it!
This is what my version of the wall-hanging looks like:
My daughter and her hubby were thrilled with it, and were immediately trying to decide where to hang it.
I also had a knitting project on the go for my oldest daughter.  I've had a sweater that I knit for myself when I was about 19 - I've literally loved it to pieces - there's a hole where the left elbow used to be, and another one in the collar.  Unfortunately, I've long since lost the pattern, and letters to the pattern company have gone unanswered.  My daughter LOVES that sweater, and has been hinting for 2 or 3 years that she'd love one just like it.  Not having the pattern for it is a bit of a problem - that is, until I picked up Fons and Porter's Love of Knitting Fall 2014 issue - and there was a sweater pattern that really closely resembled my sweater (the Olive Jacket)!  Both DD#2 and I decided that it was a close enough match to the original.  I even found yarn in a close-enough colour - and she is THRILLED with it!  This is what it looks like:
So, I have to finish only one small project that was meant to be a Christmas gift, and then I'm reasonable close to being caught up!  Hooray!  It feels good!

Friday, December 5, 2014

On my needles....

Here's another Christmas gift that I'm trying (rather frantically now!) to finish by Monday!  I found the pattern on Ravelry - it's called Pears the Elephant.  I love the original bright purple for the body, but that colour is no longer available, so I've gone more traditional, with a colour called Wallaby.  The yarn only seems to be available from KnitPicks - and I'm loving how it's working up!
Obviously, I've got a way to go!  I'm hoping to have "her" finished no later than Sunday night - and the plans for tomorrow involve doing laundry and knitting - even shopping is on hold!  Keep your fingers crossed that I manage to pull this off!
I'm off to link up on Judy's page.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

This is what I've been busy doing....

I still can't post a pic of my November "ALYoF" project, (check back on Tues.!), but there are other things I've been busily sewing while we're waiting for our first grandchild to make his appearance.
What baby / mom doesn't need a few burp cloths? and babies always need bibs, right?  So, I paired up some flannel fabrics for burp cloths, and some cotton and flannel for bibs, and gifted them to my daughter at her baby shower on Nov. 15th.  Of course, I totally forgot to take pictures, so I had to wait for my DD to send me some, and they have finally made their way to me!  Here are the bibs:

and the burp cloths:

Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 2014 wrap-up

So, it's Nov. 30th, and it's the last day of the month to record my progress, both knitting and sewing/quilting.
My "A Lovely Year of Finishes" project is done, but I finished it too late for my daughter's baby shower - so, I still have to give it to her, and I still can't share a pic of the completed project.  I will share a few "sneak peeks" though - and it will be gifted to her on Dec. 7th or 8th, so look for the final pics then.  The pics:
This is the bottom left corner - the project is a wall-hanging for the nursery; the 2nd pic is the top of the back - the corners have diagonal "pockets" for a small dowel, which is what the wall-hanging will actually hang from.
I also finished my Christmas gift project, so I can share that for my "On the Needles" report - the infinity scarf was already completed, but the matching mittens were still being knitted - thankfully, they're also done, so I can link that project up on Judy's site.  Here's what the finished set looks like:
I guess that means that I'm ready for December!

Friday, November 21, 2014

On my needles - shh! It's Christmas gifts!

So, I know that daughter #1 doesn't read my blog at all, so I'm safe showing this Christmas gift.  I made an infinity scarf, and I've got the matching mittens almost finished.  The scarf looks kind of short, but it's a ribbed variation, and it stretches out a lot.  I can wear it wrapped twice around my neck, or with one wrap over my head, with a second wrap around my neck - it all depends on what the weather is like....
I bought the yarn at Mary Maxim about 5 years ago - just happened to hit there during their annual summer Tent Sale, and scooped up all 5 balls of this Caron Simply Soft yarn - and it feels so soft and snuggly!  I'll probably have some of the yarn left over - there might even be enough to make another pair or two of (smaller) mitts for the mitten tree at my MIL's church.  I'd have to have them done by Dec. 1st, so I think I'd better stop writing, and get knitting!
Here's the scarf, and the almost completed mitts:
I just wish you could feel how soft the yarn is!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Some baby-related items!

So, we had my daughter's baby shower yesterday, and had a wonderful time, seeing some folks that we hadn't seen in some time.  Unfortunately, not everyone was able to attend, but we made the best of the day! I wasn't able to finish the project that I hinted at last week, but as soon as it's completed and delivered, I'll post the pics.
I did make a number of items for the shower; just can't believe that I forgot to take pics of some of the items! Maybe I'll have to get her to return some of the goodies for a photo shoot....
So, here is the receiving blanket, and the change pad (folded up) and unrolled:

I've had a half-yard of the Newton sheep fabric for about 7 years - finally found just the right project for it!
I've also made a little progress with my knitting - the back of the sweater is completed to the yoke, and I've started the fronts.  I prefer knitting both of the fronts, and then the sleeves, at the same time - that way, the shaping gets done at exactly the same place on both pieces.
But right now, Christmas knitting has taken over my knitting time.  We've always made the choice to open our gifts on a day other than Christmas day, mostly to focus on the real meaning of Christmas on Dec. 25th, and also because both of our daughters work retail-type jobs, and being able to take 2 consecutive days off at Christmas is almost impossible.  This year, we're getting together to open our gifts on Dec. 7th and 8th - which means that I really need to concentrate on those gifts - the baby isn't due until Jan.!